Chillers Applications


Gem ORION is a customer-pushed chiller producer in India and has given you flexible cooling solutions for a giant range of industries. Our commercial enterprise chillers are designed and produced to correctly lift out at the pinnacle performance. We have ensured that our chillers will greater raise out at an optimized overall performance level.

We supply superior commercial enterprise chillers that top notch matches your unique requirements in case you look out for custom-constructed enterprise coolers manufacturers. We have designed and produced strength-green air-cooled in addition to water-cooled chillers in unique for manufacturing processes.

Fiber Laser
Diode laser oscillator and optical buildings cooling.

Helium compressor cooling and gradient coil cooling.

Photo lithography Equipment
± 0.1 ℃ cool water supplies for publicity diploma (cool plate).

High-Frequency Induction Heating
Heating coil cooling and immoderate frequency strength supply cooling.

Plasma Welder
Cooling for electricity transport and welding torch.

ICP Analysis device
Improved cooling overall performance for inspection answers.

Concentrating Equipment
Evaporator Cooling.

Analysis device
Analysis diploma cooling.

X-Ray Inspection Equipment
Light furnish and LED chip cooling.

YAG Welding Machine
Power supply and electrode cooling.

UV Laser Engraving Machine
Analysis diploma cooling.

Molding Machines
Mold and hopper cooling.

Printing Equipment
UV lamp cooling and ink drying cooling degree cooling, also, to control over ink temperature.

Sheet Printing Machine
Individual roller cooling.

Milling Equipment
Jacket Cooling.

Jacket Cooling.

Spot Welding Machine
Electrode and power supply cooling.

Arc Welding Machine
Power supply and electrode Cooling.

Vacuum Vapor Deposition Equipment
Chamber cooling.

Packing Machinery
Cooling after warmness sealing.

Laboratory Furnace/Kiln
Furnace/Kiln cooling.

What Can A Chiller Be Used For?
As you perchance can think about chillers are alternatively necessary with inner the commercial enterprise world whereby there are thousands of heaps of machines and tools that generate severa warmness. If these machines and gear are too ultimate at any time at all, they choose to be cooled. This is whereby chillers are reachable in and play the principal feature in cooling these ever-purposeful machines and equipment.

A chiller might also be used to kick back any gadget or method that operates at 60° F or lower. A cooling tower might also be used to sit back any machine or method that operates at 85° F or higher. Some of the greater, now not uncommon area packages are listed below.

Industrial Applications for Plastic Industry Medical chillers Laser chillers Food & beverage chillers Rubber corporation chillers HVAC Plastics
In the plastics enterprise, a chilling system cools the new plastic this is injected, blown, extruded, or stamped. A chilling system additionally can settle down the machine this is used to create plastic merchandise (hydraulics of the molding system, equipment container, and barrel of the extruder) that saves on energy and on the harm in addition to tear of the machine itself. Chillers are really useful in special plastic agency packages that encompass Injection Molding, in which warmness is continuously produced at some factor in the technique. It is quintessential to settle down the machines so that they shall be purposeful and inexperienced all the time.


In the printing enterprise, a chiller now no longer most successfully eliminates the warmness generated through the friction of the printing rollers, however, cools down the paper after it comes out of the ink drying ovens with inner the technique. For the printing enterprise, the usage of chillers must deliver about capability fee economic financial savings as temperature regulation in presses in addition to rollers is possible. The chillers aid in bringing down stretching and bleeding.

In the laser lowering enterprise, slight projection enterprise, etc. a chilling machine is used to settle down the lasers and electricity supplies. Time and charge saving are the two necessary advantages with inner the laser decreasing enterprise, while inexperienced chillers are used.

In the rubber company to relax the multi-zone water temperature manipulate devices of the rubber extruder barrel, cool the rubber mill, calendars, and Banbury mixers. Considerable energy can be saved with the introduction of excessive-performance chillers to rubber merchandise enterprise.

In the beverage enterprise, a chiller eliminates the warmness gained from the approach at some factor in mixing, cooking, or after pasteurizing the product. Cooling down machines enable beverage organisation to achieve inexperienced in addition to fast manufacturing processes.

In the scientific enterprise, the effortless functioning of gear may additionally be very essential. If you function an excessive-tech system for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scanning, blood cooling, and laboratory testing, you can also choose a cooling machine to dispose of all the warmness generated.

With cooling expenses accounting for 30% to 50% of your regularly occurring electricity costs and developing fast, and the drawing near part out of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbon (HCFC) refrigerants, there may also be a hastily creating prefer to replace massive enterprise aircon and refrigeration constructions with a modular chilling.


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