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Gem Orion Machinery Private Limited is a Joint Venture company established in December 2016 & started its operation from April 2017. Orion Machinery Co., Ltd is a market leader for Chillers & Compressed Air Dryers in Japan having manufacturing unit at 5 locations (Japan, China, Taiwan & Thailand). The Manufacturing Plant at India - Partnering with Gem Equipments Private Limited, a Pioneer in Compressed Air Dryers & Cooling Towers in India, is their 6th manufacturing plant. Gem Orion Machinery Private Limited is making Industrial Chillers for DM Water, Pure Water, Water + Ethylene Glycol solution & Water soluble coolant as per Orion Design & under the technological guidance from Orion, Japan. The company focuses on Indian Market, Market in Neighbouring Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka etc, Middle East Countries & African Countries. Initially the focus will be on Indian market.

Gem Orion will be making chillers for various applications viz., Plastics, Machine tools, Medical, Electroplating,Textiles, Automotive Industry etc. Having a wide range of products in the portfolio

Japanese Quality made in India

Industrial Chiller

An Indo-Japanese Joint Venture Company for manufacture of Industrial Chillers with Japanese Quality in India. 70years of Orion’s Global experience, Quality leadership & 30 years of Customers’ trust on GEM in India together form this entity “GEM ORION MACHINERY PRIVATE LIMITED”.

We specialize in Design, Manufacture of Precision Industrial Chillers & Cyclic Industrial Chillers for Pure Water, DM Water cooling (DM Water + Ethylene Glycol mixture can also be used). We also produce Chillers / Coolers for Water Soluble coolants

We at Gem Orion aimed at Customer delight with maximizing Value for Money spent by the Customer through Optimum solutions by products & services provision. We continue to enhance Customers’ trust on our Technology & Solutions we provide

The water tank and pump are built in, so you don't have to deal with troublesome wiring or piping.

Gem Orion – The Path breaking Association

Strategically associated with Orion, Gem Orion has traversed many major milestones during the past years – thanks to our agility, robustness and innovative thinking to bring in transformational updates in the industrial chillers segment.

Diverse products for diverse industries:

Gem Orion makes reliable and cutting-edge technology chillers for various applications viz., Plastics, Laser Cutting Machines, Induction Heating, Machine tools, Medical, Printing & Packaging, PUF Machine, Microprocessor Chip Industry, Electroplating, Textiles, Automotive Industry, Industrial Parts Washing Machine, Water Jet machine, Vacuum Pump, Sputtering Equipment, Analytical Instruments and so on. Having a wide range of products in the portfolio, Gem Orion leaves no stone unturned to bring only the best quality chillers to you.

Industrial water chiller manufacturers & suppliers:

Being the leading industrial chiller manufacturers, we are also supplying chillers to diverse industries. Among the chiller suppliers in India, Gem ORION is a well-established industrial chiller suppliers bringing in Japanese technology to quality-conscious customers.

Renowned water chiller manufacturers:

We have been strategically placed as major water chiller manufacturers in Coimbatore, due to the city’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities. This unique advantage has prompted us to offer the best offers in chiller refrigerant and industrial water chillers, when it comes to competitive industrial chiller prices in the market.


Gem Orion envisions to be the most preferred industrial chiller manufacturer, providing our clients with advanced technical competence and most competitive as well as innovative solutions


Our mission is to produce consistently efficient, innovative and sustainable products to meet the cooling requirements, industrial and process cooling for clients from diverse sectors.


At Gem Orion, agile and leading-edge technology Infrastructure is one crucial element that we have built carefully brick by brick. We never move away from investing on a fortified and latest infrastructure. Explore our Industrial Chiller products and you will understand!

Gem Orion - A technology and expertise integrated firm:

  • IconsLatest equipments from renowned companies.
  • IconsEco friendly Chillers to meet industry norms and state regulations.
  • IconsAutomatic high speed Japanese technology.
  • IconsProducing quality rich industry-focused Chillers uniquely meeting the requirements of diverse industries.

Orion Partners World Wide

Started in 1946, Orion has achieved many unique feats in its star-studded history.

  • IconsThe first company to develop and manufacture vacuum pumps in Japan.
  • IconsLargest producer of Chillers in Japan.
  • IconsPioneer in Chillers with precision control.
  • IconsWorldwide presence with factories at China, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan.

Key Milestones


Our World Wide Offices

  • Vacuum Pump and Air Filter Production.
  • Dairy Equipment Production and Sales.
  • After-Sales Service of Orion Products
  • Air Dryer and Air Filter Production and Sales.
  • After-Sales Service of Orion Products.
  • Production and Sales of Detergents for Cleaning Dairy Equipment.


  • Production and Sales of Air Dryers,Air Filters,Chillers and Dehumidifying Equipment.
  • Dairy Equipment Sales.
  • After-Sales Service of Orion Products.


  • South Korean Agent and Industrial Technology Partner.
  • Air Dryer Production and Sales.
  • Dairy Equipment Production and Sales.
  • Orion Equipment Parts Sales and After-Sales Service.


  • Air Dryer and Air Filter Production and Sales.
  • After-Sales Service of Orion Products.

Japanese Quality made in india

Orion Chillers have a solid reputation ans superior reliability among chillers industrial chillers. Production has started in india that inherits quality Japanese manufacturing .We aim to Offer this quality along with improved afford-ability and speedier order fulfillment.

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