EDM Chillers

EDM Chillers

EDM Chillers

Light duty without water tank chiller. EDM Chiller – GKE Series is one of the topmost quality EDM water chillers from Gem ORION. It is loaded with application functionality that conforms to your operating environment. Our wire EDM chillers have many salient features, which makes it unique in the market. Our EDM machine price is most competitive in the industry.


Precise control of temperature (within ±0.5°C or ±1°C from set point).

Larger Operating range (from 10oC to 30oC).

Wider ambient temperature (from 10oC to 45oC).

Unique shell & coil heat exchanger completely made of SS304.

Chillers built on Casters for ease of mobility.

Hermetically Sealed Imported Rotary compressors - Inverter driven & fixed speed versions.

Condensers to withstand very high operating pressures.

IP rated fan motors.

Dust filter mesh to ensure less interruption to operation & ease of maintenance.

Remote On-off as a standard feature.

Potential free contacts for chiller status as standard feature.

Optional RS485 connectivity.

Electronic refrigerant controls to ensure high precision.

Powder coated frame with Glossy finish.

Equipped with water temperature.

Fortified with Sensor and EDM Temperature sensor.

Accurate temp control (± 1oC).

Equipped with shell and coil type heat exchanger, which is less likely to clog.

Environment Friendly, Energy Efficient Refrigerant - R410A (used in Developed countries & no phase out as per Montreal Protocol).

Thermal Stability maintained at ±1°C with Hot Gas bypass Circuit

Thermal Expansion Valve used

High Efficiency R410A Refrigerant Gas

Smart Remote Communication with RS485 can be enabled as per Customer needs

Technical Specifications

Cooling Capacity kW 4.3
External Dimensions (H x D x w) mm 729x656x476
Unit Mass (dry weight) kg Approx. 60
Chilled Water Operable Ambient Temp. Range °C 5 to 40
Operable Liquid Temp. Range °C 10 to 30
Control Precision ±1.0°C
Inlet and Outlet Port Size BSP3/4
Power Specifications Power Source V(Hz) 1 Phase.230 ± 5%.50
Power Consumption kW 2.06
Electric Current A 9.45
Power Capacity kVA 3.76
Equipment Details Compressor Rotary type
Condensor Finned tube type, Forced air cooling
Operation Control Method Hot gas bypass
Evaporator Construction / Material Shell and coil/SUS304
Refrigerant R - 410A
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