Inverter Chillers

Inverter Chillers

Gem Orion proudly introduces inverter or VFD driven Precision chiller, that delivers a control precision of as low as ±0.1°C combined with smart power saving, first of its kind in India. With this, Indian product is now at par with any imported product and available at affordable prices

Starting Currents of Other Starters VS VFD

Few Application of Our Chillers

Plastic Moulding

Induction Heating


Printing & Packaging

Laser Cutting / Welding

Medical Applications

Machine Tools


Precise control of temperature (as low as ±0.1°C from set point).

Environment friendly, Energy efficient refrigerant - R410A (No phase out as per Montreal Protocol).

Larger Operating range (from 10 to 30°C).

Wider ambient temperature (from 10 to 50°C).

Smart operation to ensure lowest power consumption.

Inverter or VFD driven Hermetically Sealed Scroll compressors.

In-built water tank made of SS304 material amply sized.

In-built high pressure pumps made of SS304 Impeller & SS body.

Pumps can operate at as high as 6 bar / 60 m head. Optionally VFD mounted pump at additional cost.

Brazed plate heat exchangers with SS316 plates (higher thickness for longer durability).

Inverter Driven IP rated Fan motors to ensure uniform performance across seasons.

Chillers built on Casters for ease of mobility.

Visible water level from front.

Pressure gauges to indicate refrigerant pressure & water pressure.

Condensers to withstand very high operating pressures.

Dust filter mesh to ensure less interruption to operation & ease of maintenance.

Remote On-off as a standard feature.

Potential free contacts for chiller status as standard feature.

Can connect 12 modules in parallel.

RS485 connectivity.

Technical Specifications

ITEM Units GKE 2200A-V GKE 3750A-V GKE 5500A-V GKE 7500A-V GKE 11000A-V GKE 15000A-V GKE 18000A-V GKE 22000A-V GKE 30000A-V
Cooling Capacity kW 8.7 12 20 25 35 45 57 70 90
External Dimensions (H x D x w) mm 1485x905x805 1684x905x805 1825x988x885 1646x800x1340 2020x919x1600 2124x924x1603 2320x1180x2200
Unit Mass (dry weight)(when tank empty) kg Approx. 200 Approx. 240 Approx. 260 Approx. 320 Approx. 475 Approx. 480 Approx. 560 Approx. 1050 Approx. 1420
Operable Ambient Temp. Range °C 5 to 50
Operable Liquid Temp. Range °C 10 to 30
Control Precision ±0.5°C (±0.1°C Possible @ Stable Load Condition)
Operating Maximum Pressure MPa 0.50 0.50 0.55 0.55 0.7
Operating Maximum Flow Rate L/min 70 70 110 250 350
Inlet and Outlet Port Size BSP1" BSP1 1/4" BSP2"
Power Source V(Hz) 3 Phase.400V ± 5% (50Hz)
Power Capacity kVA 4.5 6.4 9.1 10.7 19.8 20.80 29.11 37.35 44.9
water Tank Capacity L Approx. 44 Approx. 95 Approx. 115 Approx. 140 Approx. 220 Approx. 320
Refrigerant R - 410A
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