Coolant Chillers

Coolant Chillers

Coolant chiller (GCC 750/GCC 1500). Water-soluble metal working fluid temperature control for metal cutting and grinding applications. Coolant Chiller GCC Series is a well-built water cooled chiller from Coimbatore based Gem ORION. We have effectively utilized Japanese technology to manufacture this sturdy and efficient equipment. Made to long-last, these water cooled chillers accomplish your unique requirements, especially in metal cutting and grinding applications.

We have established ourselves as one of the trustworthy water cooled chiller manufacturers in India, thanks to the salient features we add to our chillers. We also supply water cooled chillers to our customers and get most of the references as reliable water cooled chillers suppliers.


High Reliability

Compact & Sleek - Tall boy design.

Precise control of temperature (within ±1°C from set point).

Environment Friendly, Energy Efficient Refrigerant - R410A (used in Developed countries & no phase out as per Montreal Protocol).

Larger Operating range (from 10°C to 35°C).

Wider ambient temperature (from 10°C to 45°C).

In-built pumps for circulation of Coolant from Tank to chiller & back to the tank (Off-line cooling).

Unique Shell & Coil design heat exchanger made of SS304. Ease of cleaning & maintenance.

Chillers built on Casters for ease of mobility.

Hermetically Sealed Imported Rotary compressors.

Condensers to withstand very high operating pressures.

Dust filter mesh to ensure less interruption to operation & ease of maintenance.

Remote On-off as a standard feature.

Potential free contacts for chiller status as standard feature.

Optional differential temperature mode.

Powder coated frame with Glossy finish.



  • Coolant fluid temperature is controlled to ± 1 of the temperature setting, which helps to increase the accuracy of your production capabilities.

Environment-friendly & Hygienic

  • Reduces bacteria production, which means less decomposition and fewer foul odors thus improving your working environment.

A shallow tank means extra equipment needed

  • Separate tank
  • Circulation pump
  • Natural drop piping

Technical Specifications

Cooling Capacity kW 2.1 4.65 8.7
External Dimensions (H x D x W) mm 901x551x451 1045x651x450 1185x720x610
Unit Mass (dry weight) kg Approx. 70 Approx. 85 Approx. 165
Chilled Water Operable Ambient Temp. Range °C 10 to 40
Operable Liquid Temp. Range °C 15 to 35
Control Precision ±1.0°C
Operating Water Pressure MPa 0.01~0.07 0.01~0.1 0.05~0.18
Operating Flow Rate L/min 12~61 7~89 30~198
Inlet and Outlet Port Size BSP3/4 BSP1
Power Specifications Power Source V(Hz) 1 Phase.230 ±5%.50 3 Phase.400 ±5%.50
Power Consumption kW 1.035 2.1 4.14
Electric Current A 5.62 12.4 11
Power Capacity kVA 2.23 3.3 7.6
Equipment Details Compressor Rotary type
Condensor Finned tube type, Forced air cooling
Operation Control Method Hot gas bypass
Evaporator Construction / Material Shell and coil (can be disassembled)/SUS304
Discharge Pump Construction Self priming coolant pump
Refrigerant R - 410A