Quality Assurance

Gemorion Quality & Technology

We have registered consistent progress and significant achievements in our Chiller products. We possess state-of-art Inspection facilities as well as Product testing facilities, which include advanced equipments.

Advanced Equipments

Gem Orion’s highly professional team of quality control maintains constant watch over the quality right from the initial stage of production to the final delivery of our Chillers. We have brought in industry best end-to-end quality procedures and quality assurance initiatives in our company. Vibration & Stress analysis, ultra vacuum system, loggers, heat banks

Professional QC Team

We have a highly qualified quality control team which comprises engineers and managers. Our quality inspectors conduct rigorous quality control tests at every stage of production.

Product Testing

We make sure that each of our chillers is in compliance with the quality standards set by the industry. We only approve a product only if it conforms to stringent parameters such as power consumption, operation, maintenance, efficiency, design, performance, optimum filtration and functional life. All Chillers are subjected to performance test within the operating envelope, Harsh conditions test & varying load handling capability test

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Quality Assurance

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